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Monday, 27 June 2011

Leads to Finding the Right Maternity Wear

A pregnant woman is a beauty to behold. Think of the life she is carrying in her, from some fusion a living being is created and for up to 38 weeks, he or she grows inside her mother’s womb. This make a woman a very special creation, don’t you think.

During pregnancy though, a woman may not feel as special. Due to all the changes she is going through, it is at times difficult to remember, the miracle she is carrying. Since she is busy going through so may emotional and hormonal changes, so often, and the miracle becomes more like work than a joy.

My advice though, don’t forget to breathe once in a while, it is a beautiful journey you are undertaking. The first three months in pregnancy have a way of taking a toll on you but take heart; it gets better as the pregnancy period progresses.

The beauty of the first three months though, you do not have to make any major changes to your wardrobe. Your belly is still small, you may not even be showing yet, and so your regular clothes should be fitting just right.

Do not take comfort this though, things will change as your baby continues to develop and your belly enlarges. So start planning to acquire some maternity dresses to accommodate your soon to be big body.

A word of caution, a few outfits every month and as needed. There are pregnant women, whose physic does not change much during the first six months. Let your body or your belly dictate the shopping you have to do.

Women are born with a natural instinct to look beautiful all the time. During pregnancy the challenge becomes how to dress comfortably and tastefully. I must admit though, it is harder for the large sized pregnant women to find trendy maternity wear than the slimmer sisters.

If you had a small body size lets say a size 8, before becoming pregnant, it follows that you may have to invest in clothes a size or two bigger during pregnancy. This will translate to you wearing a size 10 to 12, visa via a woman size 18 or 20, who will have to now wear size 22 to 24. Bigger sizes that are stylish and trendy are such a pain to find, so this will definitely cause some challenges depending on your body size.

All in all, very woman is created beautifully and I am sure we can be stylish, regardless of our body size.

The key and most important point to remember when buying maternity wear is comfort. It may not matter much that you look trend and stylish, if the outfit makes you uncomfortable.

So shop sensibly and remember, you will only wear those clothes for just about six months, so don’t over do it. Save your money and shop for the baby instead.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pregnancy Tips for New Parents

Congratulations on being expectant, in this article, we will look at pregnancy advice for single mums.  These tips will consist of dos every first time mum should embrace to have a blissful time during the pregnancy period.

For many expectant women, pregnancy is the best thing since sliced bread.  It is an amazing wonderful time in their life. During the nine months of pregnancy,  a new mum’s life seems to be changing around her. At this time, there are habits she will have to alter and adopt new ones.

An expectant woman will have to actually change her way of life to accommodate  the  requirements and demands that come with being expectant. Not only does the physic change but also emotionally.It is of high importance at this time for a pregnant woman to take care of herself and her unborn baby.

Let us look at tips on pregnancy tips to  guide you have a safe pregnancy.

Pregnancy Advice: Dos  during pregnancy

If there a time in a woman’s life that she is bombarded with advice is during pregnancy. all over sudden  all mothers knows more than you who is pregnant. Some of this advice is relevant while some of it is neither here nor there. Before you implement any of the suggestions  have a chat with your doctor.

Below is advice on the dos of pregnancy

  • Prepare a pregnancy diet taking into account all the nutrients your body and the developing baby will require
  • Attend your prenatal clinics often
  • Should the doctor prescribe you medication take them regularly
  • Keep away from stressful situations at home and at work
  • Drink water regularly to keep your body from dehydration during pregnancy
  • Rest frequently
  • Eat food  high in irons, calcium and folic acid. They will promote  your baby’s growth and support  the changes your body is going through
  • To avoid constipation, eat food with high fiber to help in promoting digestion, such as fresh fruits, green vegetables and whole grain meals.
  • Have an exercise routine. Remember as you start on this routine, consult with your doctor for advice on which exercises do at each stage of the pregnancy.
  • Keep clean, maintain high standards of hygiene, to keep infections at bay
  • Always dress warmly, do not expose your body to extreme temperatures
  • Dress in comfortable maternity wear and shoes
  • Reduce use of cosmetics and beauty products
  • Sleep well every night

I hope these tips will go a long way in helping you have pleasurable time while you are pregnant. Enjoy this journey to motherhood as you look forward to delivering a healthy and beautiful baby.